Terms of Use

We have our own “Terms of Use’. Anyone may access the content in our portal. By using our content and services, that is, by reading or using any content, picture, or information whatsoever, the reader/visitor accepts our “Terms of Use” including CPLUS TV’s Privacy Policy. If anyone has any objection or reservation to any clause in this “Terms of Use” or the Privacy Policy, she or he may raise the matter with CPLUS TV by sending an email at cplustv@gmail.com. However, CPLUS TV reserves all right to reject or accept any such claim or reservation. All users of CPLUS TV are required to abide by this “Terms of Use”. By entering the website of CPLUS TV or using digital contents of CPLUS TV, readers/visitors are deemed to have received services from CPLUS TV. These services include text, video, images, etc.

CPLUS TV’s content, logos, copyright, trademarks, patents, images, text, graphics, logos, domain names, audio, video, and other related intellectual property rights or other features of CPLUS TV brand and name belong to CPLUS TV or to its licensors. Users cannot claim any rights in and/or our licensor’s intellectual property whether for commercial or non-commercial use. Users are also prevented from making any imitative work from the content of CPLUS TV.

Unauthorized and prohibited activities
Website readers/visitors are required to use CPLUS TV services only for lawful means and for read-only purposes. The intellectual elements of the website can only be viewed and nothing beyond. CPLUS TV inspires its readers to share its content(s) in their social media profiles, pages, groups, and related communities. However, the contents of our services must not be shared with anyone or with any other digital platforms with any modification or conversion. The users must use the services only for non-commercial purposes, regardless of whether the person or entity is a commercial entity or not.

Third-Party Contents and Use of Cookies
Readers/Visitors are required to take their own risk in this respect as CPLUS TV does not accept any responsibility for any attacks by virus or malware or any other contamination or by anything which has noxious properties. CPLUS TV strictly does not hold any responsibility for infection of virus or contamination of your machine or device through your access to any third-party contents. Third-party contents may include but are not limited to Google ads. Any content which is not generated by CPLUS TV itself is third-party content, regardless of whether the content appears on the website of CPLUS TV or not.

All users are prohibited from taking credit for the contents or images shared, published, or generated by CPLUS TV. CPLUS TV will not accept or grant any kind of liability if the user is redirected to any other website including unwanted websites from digitalbanglanews.com.

CPLUS TV does not bear any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any third-party content. Third-party contents include such contents that are not generated or produced by CPLUS TV. It includes contents, images, and texts which are uploaded or presented by CPLUS TV but which are created or published, or produced by someone or entity other than CPLUS TV.

CPLUS TV does not collect any user data related to cookies, nor does it store any sort of user information that may be personal to the user. If a third party associated with the CPLUS TV website collects user cookies upon your visit to the CPLUS TV website, CPLUS TV does not control or limit the use of these cookies.

Rights of Terms of Use
CPLUS TV reserves the right to do any things in the “Terms of Use” at any time but the changed policy shall be immediately uploaded or updated on the website. By continuing to use our services after any changes happen, you accept those changes and will be bound by them. We inspire readers/visitors to intermittently check back and review this policy to always know what information we collect, how we use it, and with whom we share it.

Interruption or unavailability of the website for technical issues
CPLUS TV does its best to ensure the provided service is fully operational at all times. But it does not mean that we are liable to users for any problems or temporary interruptions or unavailability of the website for technical issues. To the extent permissible by law, CPLUS TV is not responsible for any loss or damage, or diminishes resulting from the use of its services or from any content posted on its website.

Governing Law
The laws that govern “Terms of Use” of CPLUS TV and its relationship with the user is the laws of Bangladesh and any dispute regarding the use, reservation, disclosure, leakage, or diffusion of the information or data can only be raised before the courts of Bangladesh which shall have exclusive jurisdiction on this matter accordance with the Arbitration Act, 2001. The entire “Terms of Use” shall apply to all who enter the website, receive service, or use content from CPLUS TV regardless of their nationality, location, residence, or place of business.

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