“A Powerful U.N.O. for global perfect peace based on Truth and non-violence”

Shahabuddin Khaled Chowdhury
শেয়ার করুন

Shahabuddin Khaled Chowdhury:

One of my illustrious friends, Millenium Twain, asked me to write an article on above topic because, according to him, every economist and every person on the planet knows that the world economy is based on violence, on welfare, on ecocide and genocide, on combat and murder rather than collaboration and consciousness. To-day, the only avenue out of accelerated economic collapse is a global economic collaboration of non-violence, collective intelligence and biosphere restoration.

No-sensible man will ever disagree with the above statement and its urgent necessity to take actions for the sake of mankind. But how many countries of the world will take initiative in this regard? Disinclined by the forceful slogan of American Ex-President Donald Trump, “America first” and dismayed by domestic crises over-whelming number of Americans are heeding attentively to the call of new isolationism; the whole western world has already turned inward. Brexit isolated Great Britain from European common market. There is a tendency recently developed in the whole western world to turn inward, to become parochial and isolationist. With a quarrelsome and experience less president of America with slogan. “America First” not at all befitting with the inherent greatness of America, entire western world is at a dilemma.

The United Nations organization was founded in 1945 just after 2nd world war which is a successor to the League of Nations for providing a forum to the world for upholding peace and security. The U.N.O. operates through two principle organs the general Assembly and Security Council. The head quarter of U.N. is in New York.

The general Assembly comprises all the member states of U.N. each state has a vote. While general Assembly can make recommendations to the respective Govt. the Security Council has under the U.N.O. charter the authority to take decisions which member states are in theory obliged to take decisions which member states are in theory, obliged to carry out. For the affirmative collective decision in the Security Council requires assent of the majority and the assent of each of its five permanent members, the presumed major powers. As a result, although the Security Council is sovereign over the members, each of the permanent members is sovereign over the Council. Absence of harmony among permanent members made a mockery of the Security Council’s name and it has turned into an arena for the public display of wrangling. This type of United Nations organization will never be able to establish world peace. If mankind really wants to establish world peace, the world will require a United Nations with Global constitution based on truth and non violence with no ecocide and no genocide. Today, the only avenue out of accelerated economic collapse is a global economic collaboration of non-violence, collective intelligence and biosphere restoration.

But unfortunately, since the creation of United Nations organization, no action could be taken against many incidents of genocide, ethnic-cleansing and other inhuman acts in various parts of the world just for the conflicting global interest with each other among permanent members of the Security Council. The main problem lies in the fact that the leaders of the powerful countries do not believe that perfect peace can be restored in the world. Richard Nixon, Ex-president of America wrote in his book titled “Real Peace: A strategy for the west”  “Confusing real peace with perfect peace is dangerous but common fallacy. Perfect peace is achieved is two places only in the grave-yard and the type-writer, perfect peace has no historical antecedent and therefore no practical meaning in a world which among men is persistent and pervasive. If real peace is to exist it must exist along with men’s ambition, their pride and hatred.” So Nixon calls for “Detente with deterrence” This is not only the aim of American Policy, it is the core policy of all big powers. It is well-understood by the world leaders that man-made atomic weapons are enough to destroy the entire planet. But the leaders themselves are under constant pressures not to speak the truth. The strongest bond is the shared burden of governing.

At one juncture of SALT-1 negotiations in Moscow in the year 1977 between president Nixon of America and Breznev of Soviet Russia, to prove how difficult were president Nixon’s domestic problems with the treaty, Mr. Breznev was shown a secret cable from U.S. generals protesting the proposed Agreement. Breznev Smiled and then whispered that he could show American negotiators almost identical dispatches from his own obstinate military men.

Nikita Kruschev, one of the most powerful Ex Prime- Minister of Soviet Russia after the demise of Stalin in Sixties, wrote in his memoir. “There are those who don’t seem able to get into their heads that in the war, victor will be barely distinguishable from the vanquished. A war between Soviet Union and the United States would almost certainly end in mutual defeat.” 

When America used nuclear bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima of Japan during 2nd world war, America was the only country that owned nuclear weapons. But now, the total number of nuclear weapons is so big, owned by a good number of Countries including North Korea- a country almost half fed and ill-clad, a good number of earths like that of ours can be destroyed instantly. Moreover trade of arms and weapons all over the world has become so lucrative that thousands of syndicates consisting of powerful men were created, these people are also intimately and profitably related with the people who control the administrations in various powerful states. So, without creating a very powerful organization with determined support of the people all over the world, success will be very difficult to reach. A powerful movement must be organized in every nook and corner of the world in favor of total disarmament to establish world peace. The main task of the people all over world is to help in creating a good number of dedicated leaders of wisdom, integrity and humility armed with resolve and inflexible consistency to lead the movements all over the world against war and for peace. After all human spirit is more powerful than the mightiest armaments. We are to apply moral values to political actions because ends and means can never be separated because means ultimately govern the ends.

Mr. Jawharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India Who fought for Indian Independence said, “I have no doubt in mind that the world  government must and will come for there is no other remedy for world’s sickness. The machinery for it, is not difficult to devise. It can be an extension of the federal principle, a growth of the idea underlying the United Nations giving each national freedom to fashion its destiny according to its getting out subject always to the basic covenant of the world government.”

Albert Einstein said, “A world government is preferable to the far greater evil wars, particularly their intensified destructiveness. If such world govt. is not established by a process of agreement, I believe it will come anyway, in a much more dangerous form.”